Sacchettificio lucense

Multi-purpose packaging

Via di San Donato, 2045
San donato (LU)

Sacchettificio Lucense is an artisanal company  based in San Donato di Lucca that was founded in 1985 by Francesco Orsi and Massimo Catelli.

The company’s core business is the production of large and small sachets and plastic shopping  bags and bags in different sizes (8x10 cm to 1x3m) for packaging destined for various industries.

The manufacturing flexibility of Sacchettifi cio Lucense enables it to create custom, transparent, or coloured bags according to the clients’ needs.

In 2010, the company transferred to a new and larger premises. A move that improved the company’s performance by optimizing production speed and deliveries.

Qualities that have not gone unnoticed, especially by the footwear industry, which for some time now, has become one of the main markets of  reference for the Sacchettificio Lucense.