Mannucci packaging srl

Creativity in a container

Via Partigiani d’Italia, 52
Empoli (FI)

Mannucci Packaging and High Fashion: an almost  obligatory encounter.

The famous Italian brands  (Gucci, Fendi, Valentino, etc.) have relied on our  company for years to protect and present their

Containers (never call them boxes!) are  intended to enhance the content to the utmost,  even before they are opened. The study of the  details and the choice of materials are different  every time.

Just as the inspiration of those who  imagined these objects is different, be they high fashion handbags or belts.

It is a natural symbiosis.  At the pinnacle of creativity in High Fashion.

Mannucci Packaging imparts resources and  particular attention to the fi eld of research and  development.

Planners and designers in the Inhouse  Planning Department, assess new materials  and production technologies every time, capable of  adapting to clients’ different needs.

This constant  commitment has led to the creation of innovative
and avant-garde products such as cardboard that  can  withstand different environmental situations.

One above all: absolute impermeability to water.Considering that we are talking about cardboard,we think that this is no small feat!

Our Analysis Laboratory, which performs a thorough  control of the entire production chain, verifi es the  elevated quality  standards required: from raw  materials to the fi nished product, performing  necessary tests each time.

This continuous monitoring guarantees product  quality and conformity to the clients’ expectations.

We are a modern company that is very attentive  to issues related to the environment, to the people  who work with us, and to the world around us in  which we operate.

For this reason, after the necessary in-company  improvements and the consequent choices to be  met, we obtained our Certifi cations in collaboration  with the external authorities responsible for  releasing them.

An initially diffi cult and expensive  start but, with the right application and compliance  to the rules, we saw the levels of quality and client  satisfaction increase.

These credentials, combined with the companies  that have entrusted us with producing their product  containers for years, are our best calling card for  those who want to know us up close.

Our creativity  and us.