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Sacchettificio Toscano srl

The Eco-Friendly company that preserves luxury

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Cerreto Guidi (FI)

Founded in 1977 by the Tempesti family in Cerreto  Guidi, Sacchettificio Toscano is now one of the  leading manufacturers of bags designed to protect  leather goods, luxury footwear, silverware, accessories  and glassware. The bags, made of cotton, disposable  fabric, jacquard, velvet, satin and organic  cotton, protect and preserve the products of major  fashion brands.

Respect for the environment is a  very important corporate ethical issue.

In fact, the  production is organized to produce the minimum  environmental impact by using energy from renewable  sources and certified and sustainable materials  and fabrics. The company is ISO 9001: 2000 and  SA8000 certified.

Sacchettificio Toscano has become a leader in the  sector by focusing on technological innovation, highly  qualified personnel and customer service optimization.  Every production phase in the new and  modern establishment is carefully supervised and  assessed in order to continue ensuring the production  of high-quality bags, which combine functionality  and design.