Messeri srl

Buttons and accessories for the fashion industry

Via dei Pratoni 9/23
Borgo ai Fossi- Scandicci (FI)

The Luxury accessory by the book

Messeri Srl, a historic company that has produced buttons and accessories for the most famous Luxury brands for over forty years, is one of the points of reference for the leather sector.

The company constantly produces increasingly excellent samples, thanks to the right mix of innovation and artisan expertise. Thanks to its innovative equipment, the various processes can be carried out on different materials such as brass, stainless steel or plexiglass. Moreover, Messeri Srl has a prototype department that is capable of developing any type of accessory from a designer’s drawings.

Nonetheless, the technical perfection of the product would not emerge without the right amount of creativity, typical of Made in Italy products: the Messeri Srl specialised personnel are at the forefront of research, style and rigorous material control.

Creativity and expertise are veritable resources used to increase the company’s ability to meet the demanding requests of such important clients. With the imprint of excellence.