Messeri srl

The accessory par excellence

Via dei Pratoni 9/23
Borgo ai Fossi- Scandicci (FI)

The Messeri Srl company located in Scandicci (FI),  has produced buttons and accessories for the most   famous luxury brands for over forty years, so much   so that it has become one of the points of reference  of the entire Florentine leather goods sector.
Messeri Srl is in constant development, with a flexible  structure  capable  of  producing cutting-edge  samples thanks to the knowhow of collaborators  and specialized staff.

Through meticulous organization of the production  process, Messeri Srl is able to satisfy the requests of   clients who expect no less than perfection.
Competitive pricing and punctual deliveries complete  the  circle  of a company with important characteristics.

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, various processes  are performed on different materials such   as brass, stainless steel, or Plexiglas. In addition,  Messeri Srl has a prototyping that can develop any  type of accessory starting from the designer’s drawing.  However,  the technical perfection of the product  would not emerge without the right dose of creativity,  distinctive of Made in Italy. The Messeri Srl  specialised personnel is at the forefront of research,  style and rigorous control of materials.

This element is also what has always characterized  the Messeri Srl company in the world: ability, tradition  and  competitiveness  for  one  of  the  most  respected  and  longstanding  companies  of  this  sector.