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Aeffe machinery srl

Production and resale of machinery for processing leather

Via Marco Polo 121
Bientina (PI)
+39 0587.757376

The machinery revolution

Young, dynamic and a leader in the leather processing machinery sector: we are talking about the Aeffe Machinery company, whose name bears the initials the two brother-team of Alessandro and Federico Pasqualetti. The company was founded in 2004, and has made room for itself on the market thanks to its continuous innovations, which have literally revolutionized the machinery sector.

Take the “Factotum” machine for example: this machine is capable of drilling and carving leather without changing the working head, but only by changing software. There is also the “Snake” machine capable of producing scales so lifelike that they look real, recreating reptile effects merely from a photograph. The top of the range of the Aeffe Machinery collection is decisively its multifunction machine, which combines the “Snake”, “Factotum” and two other machines - the “Cut” and the drilling/lacquering machine. Four machines in one, for an extraordinary working potential at a very convenient price.