Mimar sas

A truly artisanal colour sample producer

Via Bernini, 35 - Castelfranco di Sotto (PI)
Pisa (PI)
+39. 0571. 480713

Mimar Sas, a company that was founded in 1976, has known how to modernise over the years,  without, however, losing sight of its fundamental character: exceptional quality artisanship.

Initially, it began as a basic leather sample producer,  with the exclusive production of “sample blocks”, that is, those fi rst forms of the promoted publicity  of worked leather. The company expanded and refi ned its production, adding the cutting and  stamping of leather to its work, as well as the socalled “folders”, thanks to which a true level of  excellence is achieved in the presentation of client company colours and styles.  

The services offered by the company are increasingly customized, to meet all the needs of  its clientele, with a refi ned and varied production. While maintaining a deep pride in being founded  as a basic sample producer and continuing to carry forth true artisanship, Mimar Sas has also  become a “business services company”, precisely for the fact that communication, promotion, and any form of advertising of a company’s products, are organised by Mimar Sas.