Ars Tinctoria

Analytical laboratory

Via del Bosco 135
Santa Croce sull’Arno (PI)
+39 0571 35110

The  Luxury oversees

Ars Tinctoria S.r.l. is a laboratory specialized in colour, light and organic analytical research. The owner and founder Gustavo Defeo has been active in the sector for three decades with first level multinational companies. The laboratory, located in Santa Croce sull'Arno (PI), is equipped with advanced implements for various fields of application: synthesis, analytical research and the study of the molecular structure of dyes, research of substances hazardous to man and the environment, and finally the measurement and standardization of colour and light. Ars Tinctoria develops reliable analytical methods for the chemical definition of dyes and organic intermediates in industrial chemical products and manufactured goods. However, the analytical research of Ars Tinctoria does not just end with a positive result: the staff supports tanneries, chemical manufacturers and Italian and European luxury brands in search of the causes, proposing prevention policies. Since 2015 the laboratory has been ISO 17025 certified. Ars Tinctoria organizes and holds training courses in colour and light in all its aspects: physical, chemical, physiological, mathematical, applicative and sensitive.