Art Lab

Made in Italy leather finishing

Via Lazio 17
Santa Croce sull'Arno (PI)
+39 0571 366932

Located in Santa Croce sull'Arno (PI), Art Lab began as a veritable artistic workshop at the service of the best fashion brands. In 30 years of activity, the Art Lab technicians and staff have transformed traditional finishing into a pure art, continuously forging new and customized items.

The company’s ongoing research is based on its knowledge of traditional finishing products to apply to the leathers selected by its clients. These are then expertly finished in various ways: with airbrushes, daubing, inkjet, or other manual and mechanical techniques.

All processing takes place in-house: from preparation to the final fixative and testing. This is the real added value that distinguishes the company on the market.

Art Lab offers its prestigious clients a complete finishing cycle, using avant-garde tools: airbrush systems and manual painting for whole skins, cut garments and/or fabrics and transfer paper application systems (foils, sequins, lacquers, transfer designs, polyurethane film). Lastly, digital printing is also available, perfected with twenty years of experience, using every type of ink on every type of support: from acid dyes for natural leather, flesh split, nubuck and velour to “Eco-Solve” dyes for finished leathers such as napa, coverings, lacquered, abrasive and mirror finishes, and finally, UV ELASTIC dyes for black or dark bases.