Guido Falcini spa

The production and sale of leather and hides

Via di mezzo 8/10
Campi Bisenzio (FI)

In 1948, guido Falcini founded Guido Falcini Pellami  in Campi Bisenzio, where hides could be tanned  at the time. In 1980, the company was incorporated  but has  maintained its traditions and family management  with the third generation now present in  the company.

Over almost 70 years, Guido Falcini  S.p.A. has experienced changes in the company   and the economy while maintaining the enthusiasm  that the founder was able to convey to his children,  grandchildren and colleagues. This is how Guido  Falcini S.p.A has become a point of reference  in the leather sector, and continues manufacturing  products respectful of tradition and created to perfection.  

Through ongoing research, the company  selects, processes and proposes a wide variety of  items that range from semi-finished to finished leathers.

Guido Falcini S.p.A. boasts collaborations  with the most famous Italian and foreign companies  which helps ensure the company’s exceptional  sensitivity to the needs of a sophisticated and everchanging  market. Also thanks to the sheer size of its  storehouses, the products are available immediately  and can be shipped the same day throughout the  national and international markets; a considerable  added value, as is the possibility of visiting the store  and selecting the products and hides first-hand from  the company’s vast selection.

Gudo Falcini S.p.A. is  present on the European, American, and Asian markets  with leathers destined to the footwear, leather  goods and apparel industries.