Scatolificio Porciani & Bianchi srl

Flexibility and experience

Via Dante Alighieri 14
Settimello (FI)

An almost half a century long history, to protect and  preserve the products and creations of small and  large companies. Scatolifi cio Porciani e Bianchi was  founded in 1967 in the aftermath of the fl ood in  Florence, and has gone hand in glove with the great  tradition of Florentine leather goods ever since.  

Its fi rst production was devoted to boxes for leather  sector products such as bags and footwear. The socalled  “wrapped boxes”, as custom paper covered  boxes that often characterize fashion products are
referred to, are still an important part of the Scatolifi cio Porciani e Bianchi production: a process that  requires great attention and that is done manually.

However, the company’s production is rather vast  and also includes packaging and transformed paper  products, and it can produce large or limited  quantities: thanks to the company’s large plotter,  it is possible to not only guarantee production of  minimum quantities, but also to carry out sampling  and unique work.

Flexibility, experience and professionalism:  three features that make Scatolifi cio  Porciani e Bianchi a reliable partner.