E.B. Termoadesivi

Made in italy creativity and technology

Via Leonardo da Vinci, 226/238
Sovigliana, Vinci (FI)

E.B. Termoadesivi is located in Sovigliana, Vinci (FI).
Since 1978, it has dealt with highly specialized processes  such as coupling, puncturing, quilting and  needlework. Run by the three Maestrelli brother
team, E.B. Termoadesivi can count on its workforce  team of ten highly skilled employees whose expertise  enriches a company with a decidedly technological  imprint.

In fact, this company is equipped with  highly evolved machinery, among the most innovative  in the sector that consents to creating endless  and personalized designs on fabrics, leathers, furs  and plastic.

Thanks to this winning combination of  workmanship and technology, E.B. Termoadesivi  has managed to conquer a signifi cant portion of  clients in Italy, especially garment manufacturers  and wool mills that work for many of the most prestigious  brands on the market. The services offered  by the company are advanced and high-level  from the development of the design to the fi nished  quilting and needlework. A creative and evolved  company that grew in step with new market trends,  increasingly geared to anticipating the fashion  collections.

The company’s service comes full circle  with its pick up and deliveries that are added to the  list of high-level amenities that make E.B. Termoadesivi
one of the excellences of this sector.