Brotini Giampaolo srl

Masterly leather applications

Via delle Comunicazioni, 15/B
Castelfranco di Sotto (PI)

The Brotini giampaolo company was founded in  1978 and bears the name of the current owner with  its headquarters in Castelfranco di Sotto (PI). This  company in the province of Pisa was initially founded  as a pressing company. when giampaolo’s sons  Federico and Cristiano Brotini joined the company,  it began specializing in third party leather processing  with the application of sequins, transfers, acid and  thermoadhesive cards, flock, coating and laminates.  

In recent years, the corporate strategy was based  on expanding the processes to different fields,  addressing, in particular, the tannery sector, for which  a dedicated finishing department was created.  

The range of designs and patterns, including  exclusive ones, combined with the vast variety of  laminate film palette colours represents an assurance  for designers and fashion operators, intercepting the  market trends every season.  

The processing quality and artisanship, organization,  the expertise passed down in family, creativity and  customer service are all elements that characterize  the Brotini giampaolo company making it one of the  crowning achievements of the made in Italy Tuscan  leather manufacturing district.