Argo srl

creative leather prints

Via brodolini,16
Calcinaia (PI)

A dynamic, young company that is in continuous  evolution. This is Argo, located in Calcinaia (PI),  specialized in digital printing on any type of leather:from classic to faux leather, from split to finished leather, up to precious skins such as python and crocodile, with all-over prints or prints on already cut  pieces.

Argo can also print on any colour, whether  it be on white, black or laminated. The company  was founded in 2002, when Filippo Boldrini and  his current partner decided to take over a historic tannery in the Leather District of Santa Croce  and a famous brand. Together with the person that  would soon become the third Argo partner, they  had initially conceived the project. Today, Argo has  two brilliant and determined partners, open to new  ideas and always looking for original solutions to  offer its clients. In a few years, the company has  grown and has earned the esteem of the important  national and international fashion labels.

Argo  works for many different sectors: from that of leather  goods to footwear, and furnishings; it is in fact  the only company capable of printing on whole  calfskins. with a production capacity of approximately  30,000 pieces per day, the company has a vast  catalogue of graphic designs, all customizable and  modifiable by size and colour, collected over years  of experience and created by a close-knit team,  comprised of four designers. Argo’s strengths are  its ability to listen to clients and its ability to be in  step with them, to better understand their needs  and transform ideas into concrete products with  impact. Innovation plays a crucial role for the company  and that is why, looking to the future, Argo has  decided to never stop innovating. “we invest continuously  on technological equipment and software  of the latest generation, both in terms of graphics  and printing - says Filippo Boldrini, one of the Argo  partners - with the aim of constantly offering a more  advanced service in the development of designs  and graphics details, with refined embossing and  texture, to meet the high standards of quality and  design required by the fashion companies.” Continuous  professional development is also crucial for  Argo’s current 13 employees. A company that follows  the wave of innovation, aware that it can lead  it to exciting challenges and successes