Argo srl

Customized digital prints on leather

Via brodolini,16
Calcinaia (PI)

Always ready to ride the wave of innovation

Creativity, accurate workmanship and prompt samples deliveries are the Argo company’s strengths, based in Calcinaia (PI), having specialized in digital printing on every type of leather for 15 years. Argo has two young brilliant and determined associates always open to new ideas, in search of original solutions to offer its clients: from printing on classic leather to imitation leather, from finished split leather to finished leathers, up to fine skins - like python and crocodile – with all-over printing or on already cut pieces. Prints can also be done on any colour, on black or white as well as on laminated skins.

Argo works with different sectors: from leather goods to footwear, up to furnishings. It is in fact the only company capable of printing on whole calfskins and has a production capacity of about 30,000 pieces per day. Thanks to its ability to be on its clients’ same wavelength to better interpret their needs, Argo is able to give a soul to fashion designers’ ideas, transforming them into striking products.

This is why the big international fashion brands rely on the Argo company’s creativity, with its vast catalogue of graphic designs, all customizable in size and colour, created by a creative team of four who develop new designs and unique graphic designs with raised effects and refined textures every day. The Argo company’s creativity knows no limits, like its innovative approach. This is why the company continuously invests in the latest generation technological equipment and software, both in terms of graphics and printing. Argo: a company that rides the wave of innovation, aware that it can lead to new and exciting challenges.