C&G Depurazione Industriale srl

Energy savings and environmental protection

Via I Maggio 53
Rignano sull'Arno (FI)

C&G Depurazioni Industriali Srl in Rignano sull’Arno  was founded in 1979 on the initiative of two  partners, Mr. Chiti and Mr. Gallorini. This company
was a pioneer in the design and creation of systems  for the treatment of industrial wastewater with  disposal and purifi cation of the water used in
galvanic facilities.
The production line includes; vacuum evaporators,  reverse osmosis, ultrafi ltration, ion exchange, demineralizers, physical-chemical treatment,
fi lter presses, and special equipment for galvanic  facilities. Every product complies with the applicable  EEC directives. The commercial network covers all  of Italy and much of the world.

C&G can create disposal plants starting from the  analysis of a project on the part of employees and  company engineers. Everything is carefully tested
and fi ne-tuned before being shipped to the client.
The start-up of the plant is the responsibility of the  C&G technicians, who are available for post-sales  service. An on-line service dedicated to resolving  problems as quickly as possible is also available for  this type of intervention.

The evolution of electronics and computerization  of plants is always at the centre of incessant C&G  research. Currently, the company is collaborating
with the University of Florence to develop biomass  recovery processes that would store heat that could  be used to power the installations at low costs. The  future is here and C&G is its protagonist.