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Martin Group srl

Specialists in thermoadhesive fusing machines for fabrics and leathers for over 50 years

Via Orme 300 - 304
Montespertoli (FI)

The Martin Group story began in the 1960s when Gino Pacini founded Variabil Motor, a company specialized in the production of fusing machines for thermoadhesive transfers for fabrics and leathers.

This innovation immediately became a characteristic trait of the company: the Variabil MEPP 130, the first fusing machine for thermoadhesive transfers, was designed and built in 1965. This machine, which has remained in operation for over thirty years, is a “feed chamber press” capable of coupling the thermoadhesive to the fabric uniformly. It is also thanks to this insight that the Martin Group has expanded rapidly, and from being a point of reference for manufacturers in the Empoli district, it has increased its presence across Italy. Over the decades, the company has been handed down to Pacini’s son-in-law and then to his grandchildren, the Benassai-Gara family, which inherited the founder's ability to be aware of client needs and anticipate market trends. The Martin Group has increased its sales network, developed an ad hoc software to manage its equipment and accessories, as well as having created new thermoadhesive fusing machines and related accessories. In this way, the family run laboratory of the early years has become a consolidated company that now employs 80 workers, without counting the satellite companies that deal with the marketing and worldwide support.

The Martin Group produces over thirty models of Italian high-tech thermoadhesive fusing machines, with more than half of its production destined to export. We could almost say that wherever there is a textile or leather goods manufacturer, the Martin Group is present with one of its fusing machines. The Martin Group machinery is also fundamental to the leather goods, footwear and leather wear sectors with rotary or distributer platers, particularly appreciated by luxury brands worldwide. During Pelle Più, the Martin Group will present its new models of thermoadhesive fusing machines and platers: compact machines that reduce the processing temperature by 10-15 degrees. A substantial advantage in terms of both energy savings and the quality of the final product, given the extreme sensitivity of fine leathers.

The accurate after-sales assistance and the exceptional experience of the Martin Group staff complete the characteristics that bring together the technological and commercial quality aspects of these products.