Alberto rosi srl

Flexibility and foreign market

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Pieve a nievole (PT)

A typical family company, fl exible and in continuous growth, which will celebrate forty years of activity in 2015: we are talking about Alberto Rosi Srl, a wellestablished reality capable of connecting Italy with  foreign markets.

A leather agency, always at the service of its clients: from material research to the development of an article, from the order to quality control in the  tannery, up to the delivery of goods at destination.

The real strength of Alberto Rosi is its ability to seamlessly combine quality and excellent prices.

How is this possible? Thanks to the experience and  knowledge gained over 40 years, a widespread network of collaborators, and having acted as a liaison between foreign tanneries and the European  and non-European markets: the company has known how to export all the typically Italian expertise beyond national boundaries, helping the tanneries it represents grow, in particular those that tan shoe leather.

From abroad – but with attention and careto typically Italian detail – Alberto Rosi distributes both in Italy and once again, abroad.

Over the past two years, this extremely fl exible  company has also opened a new offi ce in Dongguan China, a strategic reference point for all Asian.

Here to see the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYTiQr120AQ&feature=youtu.be