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After 35 years of experience in the tanning sector, Raffaele Volta gained a profound knowledge of the complete leather production cycle and an extreme mastery of foreign markets, which led to
his decision to found Votta Tannery Machines Srl in 2005, with the main purpose of placing secondhand machines that are continually substituted on the Italian market, elsewhere.

The completely overhauled second-hand machinery is sold on foreign markets, providing spare parts dealers and guaranteeing complete safety and after-sales  support.

Moreover, Votta Tannery Machines Srl deals in the marketing of an innovative article, unique on the leather and skin scene: removable protective fi lm.

Once applied to the sole backs, soles, heels, etc., this fi lm consents to maintaining the integrity of subsequent machining, until the shoe assembly is  complete.

Raffaele Votta had this brilliant idea about 15 years ago.

Thanks to the manufacturer’s support and to the collaboration of the applicator companies, he managed to develop a product that has become irreplaceable and increasingly in demand in Italy and worldwide.

Thanks to this innovative article, Votta Tannery  Machines Srl has become the offi cial supplier of the “Cuoio di Toscana” Consortium, the world leader in production and quality.