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Texpol srl

Winning ideas to counter the crisis

Via prato 76
Montemurlo (PO)

Based in Montemurlo (PO), Texpol Srl is a leading  company in the processing and manufacturing  of polyurethane coated fabrics for third parties,  destined to different sectors of Made in Italy  manufacturing: garments, furniture, leather goods  and footwear.

Founded in 2001, this company has  nown how  to navigate and resist market changes, even  adapting to diffi cult situations each time thanks to  its extremely flexible productivity and organization.

In particular, since 2009, Texpol has had a new  technical and leadership  management.

Thanks  to its old and new strengths, such as its extreme  processing precision, its high level of productive  organization, its vast product expertise, the  valuable now-how of its highly qualifi ed staff and, last but not least, a remarkable effi ciency in meeting  customer needs fi rst, during, and after sales, Texpol  has managed to stablish itself decisively on the  market:.
Texpol Srl is a technologically advanced company, with means, materials and types of processing  dedicated to research and innovation.

All elements that make Texpol Srl one of the most  reliable and sought-after fabric coating  producers.