Colibri sas

Leather finishing and staining

Via S. Tommaso, 161
Santa croce sull'arno (PI)

Ahead of the trends

Well positioned, at the forefront and capable of anticipating trends: Colibrì Sas is a company which, thanks to the experience of its owner Nicola Falcone and its specialized staff, is always two seasons ahead of the market.

This is not just a slogan but a concrete fact: the fashion trends that we will see in two years have already been developed by the Colibrì Sas staff.

Colibrì Sas is a finishing company that does staining, even hand sprayed, for both leathers from tanneries and for leather goods. The proposed designs are countless: the company proposes more than five hundred reels, each of which creates a different staining effect. For example, there are fifteen different camouflage patterns for military designs.

Creativity and an intuitiveness for new trends: these are the characteristics that have made Colibrì Sas a point of reference for the sector, in the wake of Made in Italy.