Artigiano del cuoio srl

Quality tanning for almost a century

Via Romaiano, 12-12/A
Ponte a egola (PI)

a hundred years in the tanning industry, a
tradition that can be perceived in the tanning processes,  and can be admired in the leather fi nishing
and details of the fi nished product: the Artigiano
del Cuoio tannery was founded in 1920 and is now
run by the fourth generation of the Marianelli family.

An almost century-long experience that accompanies
all of the company’s decisions, from the  choice of raw materials to the successive stages of  tanning the hides. Respect for tradition, yes, but  with an eye towards the future: a completely renovated
working environment and two environmental
certifi cations (ISO 14001 and LWG), which testify
to the attention given to everything that gravitates
around the work of tanning.

Artigiano del Cuoio  carries out vegetable- tanning,
standing by what  has always been its  strong point: quality.

Without quality,  the company would  not have reached a  century of history  and customer satisfaction