Textile & Embroidery

Air Collection

Quality and innovation at the service of high fashion

Via C. Levi 24
Prato (PO)

When Tuscan manufacturing excellence meets the  big names in fashion, the results are more often  than not, excellent. The Air Collection company  in Prato is no exception, operating in the world  of embroidery, producing elaborate creations on  various types of fabrics and leathers.

The company is still young, founded only four  years ago from an idea stemming from previous  experiences in the field: “Our company operates
primarily in the high fashion market, with the  famous names and companies that specialize in  ‘Made in Italy’, using high level artisan labour, as  well as specific equipment.” explain the owners.  

Thanks to the graphic design office, Air Collection  produces various kinds of embroidery, both  traditional as well as special, quilted, laser  engraved, and sequin application. The owners say,  “We have various types of industrial machinery:   multi-head embroidery machines, laser engravers  for leather, and fusing machines. In particular,  we specialise in leather and work with footwear,  leather goods and small leather goods.

In addition  to classic embroidery such as quilting, we have  also added special stitches such as cross-stitch,  hand embroidery effects, and sequin and ribbon  application to the collection.”

The Air Collection formula for success is simple:  being able to combine artisan professionalism with  new technologies, providing high-quality products  to meet the demands of high fashion clients.