Luxury Manufactures

Air Collection

Embroidery on fabric and leather

Via C. Levi 24
Prato (PO)

When embroidery is an entwining of art and innovation

With over thirty years of experience, the Air Collection Company specializes in the field of embroidery on fabric and leather.

Combining the artisan professionalism of its staff with advanced technological equipment, Air Collection is capable of providing high quality products for a demanding clientele like that of Made in Italy high fashion.

Thanks to the constant desire for renewal and the continuous research of its graphics department, the company always manages to keep up with the times and the demands of famous fashion houses. Among the range of products that it can create, in addition to traditional embroidery and quilting, the company carries out special techniques such as incision work and laser cutting, cross-stitching, hand effects, and the application of sequins and ribbons.