Studio associato Fallani e Nocentini

A company's profesional guardian angel

Via Giovanni Prati, 31
Scandicci (FI)

The Associated Firm of Eugenio Fallani and Stefania  Nocentini was established in 2001 in Scandicci and  principally addresses concerns related to an area  that currently boasts a considerable number of  companies in the manufacturing sector.

The Firm  offers consultancy in labour, tax and corporate  issues as well as and being authorized to issue tax  compliance visas.

“Many companies that specialize  in the production of high fashion products have  found their optimal placement here” explain the  two partners.

“Among these companies there  are also numerous manufacturers in the leather  industry and our Firm is particularly specialized in  collective agreements of reference.

Nonetheless,  we offer assistance to every sector: from commerce  to commercial businesses, from the hospitality  industry to real estate agencies including the  construction sector.”

The Fallani & Nocentini Firm assists its clientele in  various business phases, offering consultancy in  tax and business related issues: from business start  up to intermediation for every matter and, when  it is necessary, even for closing down a company.

Qualifi ed external professionals collaborate  with the firm, both for the technical part related  to authorizations as well as for any advice on  occupational safety at the workplace and research  to find funding necessary to one’s business.

The Firm  also offers its services to individuals for completing
their tax forms, as well as for inheritance issues and  for all matters related to real estate taxation.