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LMT Saturn srl

Design and production of machinery for leather goods

via San Quirico, 264
Campi Bisenzio (FI)

The innovative technology specialists

Over the past 50 years, LMT Saturn, a leading Tuscan producer of machinery for  leather goods, has experienced a strong evolution: founded with the SADA brand, it developed under the guidance of Francesco Sasselli and the new LMT SATURN brand was born.

The LMT Saturn and Sada machinery catalogue is vast: gluing machines, pump, simple wheel and special edge dyeing machines, automatic belt dyeing machines, folding machines, manual and pneumatic stamping machines, double sided adhesive applicators, presses, drying racks, automatic ovens, and brushing, hot edge setting, and trimming machines as well as an ample range of accessories for sewing machines.

For years, the company has made investments that offer high-tech solutions to meet every client’s request. Among its innovations, the company offers a wide range of ovens with customizable lengths and widths, ovens with simple “reverse” return conveyors to retrieve dried pieces, and with new bin  and elevator technology as well as the 750 VR Touch Plus brushing machine. There is also the newly patented 7001 The King Plus oven with speed and conveyer direction control touch screen technology.

The oven has three heat settings: convection, with infrareds, or a mix of both; each setting lets you program the inner holding time as well as the opening/closing of its doors. Step technology allows you to create working cycles automatically or manually, by programming the height of the doors (min and max) from the display. The LMT Saturn production system is CE certified and each machine is manufactured in the Calenzano (FI) plant by a technical staff available for installations and service.

Increased staff and staff training, a new operating structure and an in house organization according to UNI standards. All of these characteristics come together to make LMT Saturn a company that is evolving, ready to face new challenges.